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Owners and Renters,

During this National Emergency we are temporarily changing policies until these stay-at-home orders are lifted.

We are trying to keep our crew and your communities as safe as possible so we thank you in advanced for cooperating and taking things seriously.

We are going to reroute everything to get our crew in and out of every community as quick as possible so we can limit time of exposure for everyone. Please advise your residents that we may be there 45 minutes to an hour earlier than normal.

- Trash must be out by 7am.

- All trash MUST be in a TIED bag.

    - Any loose trash will be left.

- If anyone in your household has come in contact or has Covid-19 please limit your trash and put your bag(s) out as early as you can.

- To help protect our crew and residents from the coronavirus, we ask that people try and reduce the amount of waste they generate, bagging all trash and refuse, empty and clean containers that contained liquids and residue from food and regularly disinfect cart handles lids and any points of contact.

Thank you again,

Olivo Trash Service.

Questions comments or concerns please contact Alex directly at:

Cell: 703-789-5032

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