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Homeowner Association: We provide our services to a community

  • Curbside Pickup; Trash/recycling is placed on the curbside closest to the road for easy access
  • Designated Trash/recycling Collection Area; A designated area for the collection of trash/recycling.
  • Bulk Pickup; Any larger, heavier, non standard item. Call for removal/pricing.

Single Family home: We provide services to a homeowner

  • Bulk Pickup; Any larger, heavier, non standard item.
  • Hoarder services
  • Garage/basement clean-outs

Bulk Pickup Services

Items larger than your standard trash can? Well you have come to the right place! Here at Olivo Trash Service we offer competitive pricing and excellent service for your bulky needs. Call Alex at (703) 789-5032 or fill out the from to the right, to schedule an appointment to have your bulk item(s) removed.

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